Asustek predicts Eee PC sales will double next year review

Asustek predicts Eee PC sales will double next year review

The bold prediction comes amid growing competition in the low-cost laptop segment. Several new competitions to the Eee PC will be on display this week at Computex Taipei 2008, including Elitegroup Computer Systems’ G10IL, that can access the Internet via cell phone networks, Micro-Star International’s Wind, a low-cost laptop using a 10-inch display, and a promise from Acer because of its low-cost laptop.
Growing requirement for cheap laptops entire will help Asustek meet its goal, stated Jerry Shen, CEO of Asustek, in a news conference. Global shipments of notebooks that are low-cost should hit 20 million to 30 million units next year, he predicted.


Asustek hasn’t seen the advent of low-cost laptops have much impact in the marketplace for routine Best Laptops Overall.
“Maybe a very tiny bit, but not much. They are unique products,” said Shen.
Most men and women prefer the mainstream display size at a laptop, 15 inches, while low-cost laptops with screens 7 to 10 inches throughout the diagonal are another product, a second purchase, he explained. Approximately 50 percent of the global laptop computer market is for apparatus with 15-inch screens, said Shen, while 17-inch screens account for approximately 20% of their market. People primarily still need a full computing experience out of a laptop, he said.

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